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The Curtin University Singapore Alumni Chapter (CUSAC) has been in operation since 1993 but was recently revitalised in 2009. This chapter runs regular social and professional development events that are well attended by a variety of guests.

  1.  To provide opportunities for graduates of Curtin University and the former West Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) to maintain contact with the University and one another

  2. To provide marketplace feedback regarding the relevance and quality of courses conducted at Curtin University

  3. To provide the bridge between the academic environment and the workplace

  4. To encourage the pursuit of academic excellence


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Driving Factors and Core Values that help us to move forward and onward.


To be the benchmark for all Curtin University Alumni Chapters


Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter (CUASC) exists to:  

a) Provide opportunities for graduates of Curtin University to maintain contact with the University;

b) Provide opportunities for graduates to network;

c) Provide industry feedback regarding the relevance and quality of courses;

d) Provide the bridge between the academic environment and the workplace; and

e) Encourage the pursuit of life long learning


In meeting the above objectives, CUASC aims to promote the recognition and reputation of Curtin University within the wider community.

President's Message

Mr Paul Tham, PBM

Hi Everyone, I am Paul, the President of Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter. I am humbled and extremely honoured to take on this leadership role. It is great to have the opportunity to serve our members and partners.


I like to thank my predecessor, Edmund Seng who has been the President since 2008 for 12 years in building the foundation. I will be developing resilient infrastructure and processes to bring us to the next milestone. It has been very challenging to take on the leadership during the pandemic and crisis of a generation with literally everything in hiatus.


During this period, I together with the Presidents of Curtin Alumni Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Japan to build the Curtin Alumni Asia Network. The objective is to develop synergies as well as to forge close business, social and cultural links with fellow alumni in Asia. In addition, we can plan to network and build links between Singapore and Western Australia thereby creating opportunities for CUASC alumnus who are based here.


Finally, I am building strong ties with Australian Alumni Singapore which is the umbrella network of 43 Australian Universities' alumni. There are over 200,000 Singaporean or Singapore based residents who are graduates of Australian Universities. Every year there are many students who pursue their higher studies in Curtin University and graduate to join the ranks of professionals that shaped the development of Singapore.


Today, we have about 18,000 Curtin University alumnus playing their part in making Singapore a global workforce in commerce, communication, engineering, technology, built environment and many more.


I look forward to your support for our activities and events as well as supporting the Executive committee who have volunteered their time to serve you.


Feel free to reach out to me or any of the Executive Committee if you have any queries. Thank you.

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