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Curtin University Alumni Singapore (CUASC) Lunar New Year Dinner & Get-Together

The Curtin University Alumni Singapore (CUASC) hosted a memorable Lunar New Year Dinner, marking a celebration of unity and camaraderie among alumni. This year, the event took on a special dimension as it was combined with the University of South Australia, creating an even larger and more vibrant gathering.

Mr. James Chen, PBM, President of Curtin University Alumni Singapore, and Ms. Sherina, President of the University of South Australia, graciously co-hosted the evening. The event was graced by the presence of CUASC Executive Committee Members, including Mr. Paul Tham, PBM, Ms. Kemmy Koh, Mr. Matthew Loo, Mr. Cliff Koh and Mr. Ashley Khaw.

A big appreciation to Mr. Matthew Loo and the organizing committee, the gathering allows attendees to enjoy not only the nice food but also create an opportunity for networking.

Amidst the warm ambiance, attendees enjoyed a sumptuous dinner while engaging in meaningful networking opportunities. Mr. James Chen took the opportunity to briefly outline upcoming events and initiatives planned by CUASC to keep the alumni community connected and engaged. As suggested by members, to further foster connections and keep alumni informed, attendees were encouraged to sign up for the mailing list or join the informal WhatsApp chat group.

A highlight of the evening was definitely the lucky draw, with congratulations extended to all the fortunate winners.

The Lunar New Year Dinner served as a testament to the strong bonds shared among Curtin University and University of South Australia alumni in Singapore. It was a night filled with laughter, friendship, and shared aspirations for the future.

As CUASC continues to forge ahead in its mission to unite and support alumni, events like these serve as reminders of the enduring spirit of the Curtin community. Here's to many more gatherings that strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

If you wish to stay connected with Curtin University Alumni Singapore community, do sign up for our mailing list. You will receive updates on upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities to engage with fellow alumni. Don't miss out on the chance to stay informed and connected with your alma mater and fellow graduates. Join us on this journey of lifelong connections and meaningful experiences. Sign up now and be part of our vibrant alumni network!

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