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CUASC Executive Committee Celebrates the Success of Curtin Singapore Graduates 2023

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie and support, the Executive Committee of Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter (CUASC) recently attended the Graduation Ceremony of Curtin Singapore's Class of 2023.

This event not only marked the significant achievements of the graduates but also exemplified the strong bond that CUASC shares with the academic institution. The committee members, who are themselves proud Curtin graduates, showed their unwavering support for the newest additions to the alumni family by being present at this momentous occasion. Amidst the jubilant cheers and applause, they extended their warmest congratulations to the graduates, sharing in their joy and excitement.

CUASC President, Mr. James Chen, PBM, conveyed his heartfelt congratulations, saying, "We are incredibly proud of your achievements and the dedication you've shown in reaching this milestone. As fellow Curtin alumni, we understand the hard work and determination it takes to succeed, and we're excited to welcome you into our alumni community."

The presence of CUASC at the graduation ceremony served as a reminder of the continuous journey that alumni embark upon once they graduate. The committee's involvement reflects the commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and support for graduates as they transition from students to alumni.

In the spirit of John Curtin's words, "The world can never be helped merely by talking or writing about it. You must set to work on it," CUASC stands as a testament to the power of alumni who are not content with merely reminiscing about their academic years but actively work towards creating a better future. As the graduates move forward into the next phase of their lives, they can take inspiration from John Curtin's legacy and the warm wishes and support from the CUASC Executive Committee.

This graduation ceremony was not just a conclusion; it marked the beginning of a lifelong journey as part of the Curtin alumni community, ready to make a positive impact on the world. With CUASC's continued dedication and the indomitable spirit of Curtin graduates, the future holds the promise of even greater accomplishments and contributions to society.

The committee's presence at the graduation ceremony serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for graduates, demonstrating that they are never alone on this exciting post-graduation voyage.

Once again, Congratulations to the Curtin Singapore Graduates of 2023, and may your journey ahead be filled with success, purpose, and the support of a global Curtin alumni network.

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