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Curtin University Singapore Alumni Chapter Embraces Superhero Theme at Australian Alumni Singapore

25 November 2023 — The Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel was transformed into a haven of superheroes as the members and representative from the executive committees from Curtin University Singapore Alumni Chapter graced the Australian Alumni Singapore 68th Anniversary Gala Dinner on November 25, 2023. The theme of the night was "Superheroes," adding an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the celebration of academic excellence and camaraderie. The gala dinner, attended by distinguished guests and luminaries, featured a star-studded lineup, with Guest of Honour Mr. George Yeo, the honorary Officer of the Order of Australia, and Special Guest and Patron of Australian Alumni Singapore, H.E. Allaster Cos, Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, gracing the event.

Kicking off the night, AAS President Mr. Rajaneesh Kurup delivered a spirited welcome address, setting the stage for an evening filled with superhero-themed fun, recognition, and celebration. Special Guest H.E. Allaster Cos, in his speech, acknowledged the 'heroic' efforts of the Australian Alumni Singapore community in fostering international relations and understanding.

The superhero theme permeated the Gala Dinner, with attendees participating enthusiastically in the best-dressed competition, showcasing their creativity by donning an array of superhero outfits. The event's atmosphere was electrified as the venue came alive with the vibrant colors of capes, masks, and superhero emblems. From classic icons to modern favorites, attendees brought their favorite superheroes to life, adding a dynamic and playful element to the evening.

Amidst the superhero revelry, the gala continued with a delectable spread and the enchanting tunes of a live band. The awards presentation recognized the 'super' achievements within the Australian Alumni Singapore community, reinforcing the idea that every attendee, in their own way, was a hero contributing to the success of the community.

The best-dressed contest, a highlight of the evening, turned the spotlight on the creativity and ingenuity of the attendees. The diverse array of superhero costumes further emphasized the uniqueness and individuality of each alumni member, creating a memorable spectacle that resonated with the theme of unity and strength.

As the night progressed, the auction of carpets by Eastern Carpets added an element of philanthropy to the superhero-themed evening, allowing attendees to support a good cause while acquiring unique pieces.

The Gala Dinner concluded on a high note with the opening of the dance floor for a lively disco session, allowing attendees to showcase their superhero dance moves. As alumni members bid farewell, they left with not only the memories of a night filled with laughter and camaraderie but also a strengthened sense of community, united by the shared experience of donning superhero capes and masks in celebration of education and friendship.

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