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Fostering Alumni Engagement: A Dinner Discussion with University Advancement Team

Fostering Alumni Engagement: A Dinner Discussion with University Advancement Team

Alumni engagement is not just a responsibility; it's a collective commitment to build stronger bonds, nurture a sense of community, and further the mission of an educational institution. With this in mind, a recent dinner gathering brought together key figures from Curtin University's Alumni Executive Committee and the University Advancement Team to discuss the challenges faced and explore collaborative strategies for the future.


Hosted by Mr James Chen, PBM, President of the Alumni Executive Committee, and co-hosted by Mr Paul Tham, PBM, Vice President, the dinner was attended by M. Fabienne, Ms Amy Barrett, and Ms Alice Pritchard-Davies from the University Advancement Team. Alongside them were M. Kemmy Koh, Secretary; Mr Matthew Loo, Assistant Secretary; Mr Cliff Goh, Membership Chairperson; and Ms Farhaty MS., Marcom Chairperson, all representing the alumni committee.


The evening's discussions revolved around the challenges encountered when engaging alumni and the collective responsibility of both the committee and the University Advancement Team in fostering a closer working relationship. This synergy aims to create more collaborative events and build a thriving alumni community together. It became clear that everyone at the table shared a deep passion for Curtin University and its alumni. Challenges were acknowledged, but the focus remained on finding innovative solutions and new ways to connect with graduates effectively.

The evening concluded with a shared vision: to work hand in hand to bridge the gap between alumni and their alma mater. The importance of collaborative events that resonate with graduates and create opportunities for them to connect was a key takeaway.

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