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Join Hands with 'Every Little Helps' Foundation in Monthly Food Ration Distribution

In a heartwarming display of commitment to community service, CUASC President Mr James Chen, PBM and several dedicated members of the Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter (CUASC) recently came together to participate in the monthly food ration distribution program organized in collaboration with the 'Every Little Helps' Foundation.

The initiative, aimed at assisting low-income families grappling with the challenges of rising costs, has been a hallmark of CUASC's commitment to making a positive impact on the community. Held over the weekend, this event was yet another example of how alumni can actively contribute to society's well-being.

The monthly food ration distribution program takes a unique approach to alleviate the financial burden faced by underprivileged families. Instead of distributing predetermined food items, residents are invited to the center to select seven items of their choice. This approach empowers recipients by allowing them to make choices aligned with their specific needs, ensuring that the assistance provided is meaningful and tailored to their circumstances. This thoughtful approach not only supports the families but also minimizes ration wastage, emphasizing the responsible utilization of resources. This is a testament to CUASC's commitment to sustainability and responsible community engagement.

Mr James Chen, PBM, who has been at the forefront of CUASC's community service initiatives, shared his thoughts on the program. "Our aim is to provide meaningful support to those in need, not just through charity but through empowerment. We want to ensure that the assistance we offer is relevant and genuinely makes a difference in their lives." This initiative underscores the broader role that alumni can play in contributing to the community's welfare.

Graduates of educational institutions, like Curtin University, carry with them not only knowledge and skills but also a sense of responsibility to give back and support those who may be less fortunate and to make a positive impact. The CUASC members who actively engage in community service exemplify this spirit of giving back. We are reminded that even small acts of kindness can ripple into significant positive changes.

The dedication of CUASC is a shining example of the impact alumni can have when they come together to contribute to their communities. We look forward to more such initiatives, where alumni continue to demonstrate the values instilled during their time at Curtin University – values of community, compassion, and the spirit of making a difference, one step at a time.

If you are keen to participate in our monthly food ration distribution, please contact Mr James Chen, PBM at 9663 7705.

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