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Memories Reunited, Connections Renewed!

On a splendid evening, nostalgia filled the air as Curtin Singapore alumni gathered for a heartwarming Sundowner event. The atmosphere was electric with the buzz of old friends reuniting and the excitement of new connections being forged. It was a celebration of shared experiences, personal growth, and the enduring spirit of Curtin.

Distinguished speakers graced the occasion, adding a touch of grandeur to the gathering. Curtin University Chancellor, Dr. Andrew Crane, Curtin University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Harlene Hayne, Curtin Singapore Pro Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Linley Lord, and Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter (CUASC) President, Mr. James Chen, PBM, lent their wisdom and inspiration to the event.

The highlight of the evening was a captivating speech by Hazlina Abdul Halim, a proud Curtin graduate and the CEO of Make-A-Wish Singapore. Hazlina's life experiences and professional journey served as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how Curtin alumni navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape with resilience and determination. Her valuable insights left everyone in attendance with a renewed sense of purpose and the knowledge that boundless opportunities await those who dare to dream.

For the Curtin Singapore community, this Sundowner was more than just an event; it was a symbol of the university's lasting impact on the lives of its alumni. It showcased the strength of the Curtin network, where connections made during university days continue to flourish in the real world. The event brought together alumni from various walks of life, each with their own unique stories of success and growth, all attributed to their time at Curtin.

The sense of unity and shared accomplishment was palpable in the room as attendees reminisced about their time at Curtin, the challenges they overcame, and the knowledge they gained. It was a testament to the university's commitment to nurturing not just academic excellence but also personal and professional growth.

As the event came to a close, heartfelt thanks were extended to all who joined in the celebration. It was a reminder that the Curtin community is more than just an academic institution; it's a family. A family that celebrates its members' achievements, supports their dreams, and continues to make Curtin proud with every step they take in their respective careers.

In the end, the Curtin Sundowner was a night to remember, not just for the enlightening speeches and networking opportunities, but for the enduring friendships and connections it kindled. It was a night that reminded everyone that the journey of learning and growth continues long after graduation, and that the Curtin spirit burns bright in the hearts of its alumni.

As alumni, let's carry this spirit forward, rekindle old memories, and create new connections. For it is in these shared experiences and connections that the true power and magic of Curtin is realized. Here's to the memories reunited and the connections renewed!

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